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Our commitments

A Sécurlite luminaire is not just a luminaire like all the others: it is designed to last longer, illuminate better, and offer you convenience and safety.
Our luminaires are designed and built in La Ferté-Bernard in the French département of Sarthe: they are the result of our dedicated team’s enthusiasm for fine products and our customers’ satisfaction.
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Our corporate and environmental responsibility
Faithful to its philosophy since it was set up in 1986, our company is committed to a corporate and environmental responsibility on an everyday basis. 
  • Ethical and social commitment
We want our business to be based on moral, human values that respect people and team spirit.
Our company relies on its staff and their professionalism, their skills, and their enthusiasm for creating the innovations of tomorrow.
In the same way, we seek to establish a respectful process of mutual trust and listening to our customers, based on analysing their needs, on clear, honest answers, and on providing solutions that live up to their expectations.
In 2020, our corporate and environmental responsibility policy was rated and recognized again with a “Gold” award by the EcoVadis rating body. 
  • Environmental innovation 
We wish to be part of a process of continuous improvement and respect for the environment. For example, by incorporating recycled polycarbonates into our products and by designing plug-in, repairable devices in order to move in the direction of a circular economy; or by constantly improving life-cycle analysis, in terms of both energy impact and recyclability.
Securlite uses the EIME life-cycle analysis and eco-design software from Bureau Veritas.
Securlite is a founder member of the eco-passport association PEP and of the recycling channel reserved for DEEE Pro
(Déchets d’Équipements Électriques et Électroniques – Electrical & Electronic Equipment Waste). 
  • 5-year guarantee 
Securlite luminaires are built using the best materials and components, employing demanding manufacturing methods
and superior quality criteria.
For the best possible efficiency and reliability, we design and build the LED modules and electronics assemblies according to the constraints of each luminaire.
This is why our LED luminaires as a whole are guaranteed for 5 years* against manufacturing defects (LED modules, detectors, materials, construction, etc.)
* unless otherwise stated in the product page.
The terms and conditions for the special 3 and 5-year guarantee on LED luminaires are available on request or from www.securlite.com/cgv. Luminaires other than LED ones are covered by the statutory guarantee. 
  • Certified French manufacture 
Keen to play our part in the life of the community, we have chosen to design and manufacture the vast majority of our products in France and to favour local suppliers and subcontractors.
The majority of our luminaires carry the Bureau Veritas “OFG” (Origine France Garantie) mark to guarantee the accuracy and traceability of our French manufacturing.
This “OFG” mark protects the consumer from self-declared marketing claims that can be deceptive about the true origin of products like “Assembled in France”, “Designed in France”, or “Made in France”, and the use of a French tricolour flag.
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From the raw materials right up to recycling them, we design our products in such a way as to limit their environmental impact throughout their entire life cycle.
Sécurlite uses the EIME life-cycle and eco-design software from Bureau Veritas.
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PEP eco-passport

Sécurlite is a founder member of the “PEP eco-passport” association.
The PEP (Product Environmental Profile) makes it possible to measure a product’s environmental footprint.
The PEPs for our products can be consulted on the www.pep-ecopassport.org website or on our own site
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Sécurlite is a founder member of the recycling channel reserved for DEEE Pro (Déchets d’Équipements Électriques et Électroniques – Electrical & Electronic Equipment Waste).
For more details, contact: www.recylum.com
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RoHS Directive

Our products contain no hazardous substances, in accordance with the 2002/95/CE RoHS directive.
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Minimizing packaging

We are working to minimize packaging, to use recycled materials, and to recycle non-returnable packaging internally as packing pieces.
“Project” packaging is available upon request (eliminating individual packaging in favour of groupage cartons).
Contact us
+33 (0)2 43 60 4000
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Corporate Social Responsibility

Sécurlite is committed to a CSR policy 
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