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New catalogue Voila Durable

VOILA DURABLE, designed to last, manufactured in France and PEP ecopassport certified.
VOILA DURABLE is ideal for use in energy-efficient building renovation, both indoors and out, and stands out for its simple, streamlined design.
Developed as part of an eco-design approach, VOILA DURABLE is designed to be environmentally friendly, meeting the environmental criteria of energy efficiency, recyclability and repairability. It has just been awarded PEP ecopassport certification.
Resistant to IK10 20J and waterproof to IP65, this luminaire combines the technical characteristics of many of the luminaires in the VOILA range while offering:
✔️ improved efficacy up to 152 lm/W,
✔️ a new dual flow functionality with a power-selective power supply in a single reference.
In addition to the responsible choice of 2-in-1 flux, we have done away with the wasteful use of multi-coloured light (K).
Guaranteed for 8 years, VOILA DURABLE is certified Origine France Garantie.
The catalogue can be downloaded here or obtained in hard copy from your usual contact or on request by e-mail from export@securlite.com
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The new catalogue The Essentials

The new 24-page Sécurlite Catalogue provides an update on the company's lighting solutions and innovations.
Here's what you'll find:
- Residential luminaires such as bulkhead, ceiling, wall-mounting, recessed and corner luminaires, downlights, etc.
- Technical Luminaires such as tubular architectural luminaires, compact, stainless steel recessed luminaires and luminaires for secure areas
What's more, an I direct quick access number for each product allows you to access quickly to technical information updates for each product on the www.securlite.com website.
The catalogue can be downloaded here or obtained in hard copy from your usual contact or on request by e-mail from export@securlite.com

New catalogue

The new Sécurlite catalogue!
The 2023 Sécurlite catalogue features over 250 pages of updated lighting solutions and innovative new products.
It can be downloaded here 
The paper version is also available on request by e-mail from export@securlite.com.
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Image de New ! SYSTEO et News


Discover SYSTEO, the latest Securlite innovation.
SYSTEO is a new concept in architectural LED lighting, fully modular and upgradable.
It is available in several versions, offers a wide variety of installation methods and lengths and offers various light outputs to adapt to the specific needs of each project.
SYSTEO is a multi-application luminaire, for both indoor and outdoor use, it can be used in collective residential projects, offices, public buildings, as well as in building approaches and urban lighting.
SYSTEO, designed by Michel Tortel, is distinguished by its contemporary lines and its many possible combinations.
Its independent linear lighting unit SYSTEO UNIT is available in IP65 and IK10 20J for improved waterproofing and impact resistance. It can be integrated into various IK11+ 80J impact-resistance covers for suspended, wall and ceiling mounted, built-in, angled continuous or discontinuous line.
As an option, SYSTEO offers intelligent detection and communication functions.
Guaranteed for 5 years, SYSTEO is certified Origine France Garantie.
We invite you to discover this innovation here

OSMO - New Securlite product!

Recycled Recyclable Repairable.
Discover our new product OSMO designed and manufactured in France.
Ideal to contribute to the energy renovation of buildings, both indoors and outdoors, OSMO is distinguished by its simple aesthetics and its pure design.
OSMO is eco-designed, made from recycled materials, and repairable, each of its parts can be dismantled and repaired.
Resistant to IK10 20J, waterproof to IP65, and with high energy performance, it is quick to install thanks to easy access to the fixing points, simple connection and closure of the diffuser by a quarter turn or vandal-proof screw.
OSMO has a 5-year guarantee and is certified Origine France Garantie.
You can download the OSMO catalogue here.
It is also available in the paper edition upon request.
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The IK index: a measure of the robustness of our luminaires

The NF EN 62262 standard defines the degree of resistance to mechanical impact of our luminaires.
The evolution of September 2021 now provides for a maximum resistance of IK11 corresponding to an impact of 50 joules. However, in severe environments, IK11 is not sufficient. Thanks to their design and the materials used, Securlite luminaires offer increased resistance: IK10 20 joules, IK11 50 joules and even beyond up to IK11++ 150 joules for demanding environments.
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Fila range offers new versions!

The FILA 2 tubular fitting is a sleekly-designed architectural luminaire intended for lighting public areas and enhancing buildings.
Very sturdy thanks to its IK10 / 20 joules diffuser, very elegant thanks to its polished stainless end caps and white polyamide internal trim, FILA 2 LED suits a great many applications.
Light spot-on thanks to a new comfort version
In addition to the high-efficiency and high-performance versions, the new comfort version brings pleasing lighting and reduced
power consumption. 
Communicate using the Fila 2 signage
A NEW 100% customizable “signage lighting” version, for identifying a building, directing the public, and making access points and circulation areas safe.
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Road to the Vendée Globe!

Securlite is supporting Benjamin Dutreux, skipper of the Imoca 60' Omia-Water Family for his first around-the-world solo race. Benjamin is an ambassador for the Water Family association, whose mission is to educate people about the protection of water, health and the planet. Through his sport, Benjamin will thus contribute to carry the message of environmental protection to the ends of the earth.
Alongside other committed industrial SMEs, Securlite fully adheres to the values promoted by Benjamin and is very proud to be part of this great adventure! 
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Captain - New from SĂ©curlite!

CAPTAIN is a new luminaire, born out of an eco-design policy, that offers innovative functions for lighting in hallways and circulation areas.
So much more than just a standard bulkhead fitting, CAPTAIN’s elegant design, environmental characteristics, and remote management and maintenance capabilities make it your perfect partner for managing your lighting installations in an efficient, environmentally-friendly way.
Come and learn all about this innovation here.
The paper version of the CAPTAIN brochure is also available on request.
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Special new SĂ©curlite product

STIK is a new urban luminaire by designer Michel Tortel, manufactured by Sécurlite.
Instead of an actual lighting head, this LED luminaire has 3 long diffusers that prevent glare and produce a soft, comfortable light.
Its discreet, refined design makes STIK a light sculpture that’s equally elegant by day as by night.
The structure of drilled and welded 60×60 mm aluminium tubes make the 3.7 m-high luminaire extremely sturdy yet light.
Discover it here
STIK won the “street lighting” category in the “Lighting Design Awards”. Learn about it here

Senspot: vandal-resistant, with detection and reinforced sealing

New vandal-resistant LED downlighter for communal areas and outdoor environments
Sécurlite is expanding its LED downlighter range with the VANDAL-RESISTANT SENSPOT with secure fastening.
Highly impact-resistant (IK10+/50J) and sealed against insects and water ingress (IP65), the VANDAL-RESISTANT SENSPOT's fluid design makes it a discreet, compact downlighter. 
Integrated into a white lacquered zamak base (others colours on request), the crystal polycarbonate diffuser and technical reflector diffuse a controlled light, while reducing the energy impact. 
With a luminaire efficacy of 108 lm/W, SENSPOT LED with detection makes it possible to achieve significant savings compared to a conventional installation. The energy consumption gains can easily reach 80%, thanks to the reduced maintenance and controlled operating costs. 
With a life expectancy of 50,000 hours and a 5-year guarantee, the SENSPOT offers performance and quality.
SENSPOT carries the Origine France Garantie quality mark.
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Fila 2

New high-efficiency version
The Fila 2 is a sleek architectural luminaire, designed for lighting public spaces and enhancing buildings. 
Very sturdy thanks to its IK10 / 20 joule diffuser, very elegant thanks to its polished stainless end caps and white polyamide internal trim, the Fila2 is an IP67 luminaire designed for the new LED sources.
Fila 2 is available in opal and high performance versions: 
• with a spill shield (Fila 70) for greater comfort in the clear diffuser version (reduction in UGRs),
• with a wide range of technical optics allowing the light to be targeted according to the applications required.
In this way, the FILA 2 lets you improve the lighting for your projects, while reducing the energy and environmental impact compared to the previous version of the FILA.
You can download the Fila 2 catalogue here.
It is also available in the paper edition upon request.
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Voila LED Asymmetric

Our new LED luminaire of the Voila range. 
Sécurlite’s latest innovation is yet another response to the PRM Accessibility Regulations for vertical circulation areas and communal areas.
So why this product? We wanted to develop a luminaire that combines light quality, durability, and energy performance, and allows aesthetic cohesion within buildings already equipped with VOILA luminaires.
With a luminaire efficacy up to 127 lm/W, the VOILA LED Asymmetric makes it possible to light your stairwells more efficiently, targeting the flights and landings, and yet consuming only 23 W per fixture. That’s 15 to 30% less than standard asymmetric bulkhead fixtures. You can also reduce the number of fixtures installed and improve illuminance levels by confirming their positioning through a lighting design study appropriate for your project.
We invite you to discover this innovation here
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New Sécurlite product! LED downlighter with detection, superior water-resistance.
It’s new and it’s called SENSPOT.
The latest innovation from Sécurlite is yet one more response to the current needs of local authorities, combining modern design, illumination quality, and energy saving. 
Much more than just a downlighter! 
So why this new product? We wanted to develop an efficient, inexpensive, multi-purpose luminaire offering some unique characteristics: extra low-profile, sealed, and fitted with microwave detection.
With a luminaire efficacy of 108 lm/W, SENSPOT LED with detection makes it possible to achieve significant savings compared to a conventional installation. The energy consumption gains can easily reach 80%, thanks to the reduced maintenance and controlled operating costs.
You can download the Senspot catalogue here
It is also available in the paper edition upon request. 
Don’t wait, install today!
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"Good Job" spot from the MEDEF, shown on France 2 and France 3.

Our Company, a member of the Lighting Syndicate, was selected for filming the “Good Job” spot broadcast on 5 and 11 September on the France 2 and France 3 Public TV channels.
The spot features the job of a PCB Assembler, which requires electronics knowledge, patience, and meticulousness.
(video in French)
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