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Lighting management

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Reducing the light output when it’s not needed and adjusting the lighting level when necessary: the best solutions for saving power.
Securlite offers numerous standard or customizable solutions for better lighting management.
Light dimming:
A controlled approach to lighting in public spaces or premises open to the public, making it possible to combine energy saving, visual comfort, and improved safety.
Several types of dimming are available for LED and fluorescent:
• 1–10 V dimming
• DALI digital dimming
• DSI dimming or switchDIM (fluorescent only)
“Corridor” function with standby:
The Corridor function with standby allows power savings to be made.
It is specially designed for applications requiring permanent round-the-clock lighting for safety reasons:
• Stairways and circulation areas in public buildings
• Car-park access routes
• Corridors in metro or train stations
• Pedestrian subways, etc.
Extinction warning function:
In conjunction with a Sensei Pro, extinction warning allows a warning to be given at the end of the time delay and enables substantial energy savings in areas with little traffic.
• Stairways and circulation areas in residential premises
• Store-rooms and plant rooms
• Low-traffic access routes, etc. 
Twilight switch option:
Certain luminaires can be fitted with an external daylight photocell (twilight switch). This allows the luminaire to be switched on automatically below a preset light threshold.
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