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Voila LED Asymmetric

Our new LED luminaire of the Voila range. 
Sécurlite’s latest innovation is yet another response to the PRM Accessibility Regulations for vertical circulation areas and communal areas.
So why this product? We wanted to develop a luminaire that combines light quality, durability, and energy performance, and allows aesthetic cohesion within buildings already equipped with VOILA luminaires.
With a luminaire efficacy up to 127 lm/W, the VOILA LED Asymmetric makes it possible to light your stairwells more efficiently, targeting the flights and landings, and yet consuming only 23 W per fixture. That’s 15 to 30% less than standard asymmetric bulkhead fixtures. You can also reduce the number of fixtures installed and improve illuminance levels by confirming their positioning through a lighting design study appropriate for your project.
We invite you to discover this innovation here
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New Sécurlite product! LED downlighter with detection, superior water-resistance.
It’s new and it’s called SENSPOT.
The latest innovation from Sécurlite is yet one more response to the current needs of local authorities, combining modern design, illumination quality, and energy saving.
Much more than just a downlighter!
So why this new product? We wanted to develop an efficient, inexpensive, multi-purpose luminaire offering some unique characteristics: extra low-profile, sealed, and fitted with microwave detection.
With a luminaire efficacy of 108 lm/W, SENSPOT LED with detection makes it possible to achieve significant savings compared to a conventional installation. The energy consumption gains can easily reach 80%, thanks to the reduced maintenance and controlled operating costs.
You can download the Senspot catalogue here
It is also available in the paper edition upon request. 
Don’t wait, install today!
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New catalogue 2017

 Lighting is employing ever-more sophisticated techniques.
To accompany its customers in this transition, Sécurlite has published a new catalogue devoted to its comprehensive range of luminaires.
A real tool for all professionals, the 2017 Sécurlite catalogue offers almost 190 pages of up-to-the-minute lighting solutions along with a number of new luminaires.
Packed with new features, it comprises four chapters, easily accessible via the Contents pages:
- Our Company
- Residential luminaires like bulkhead and ceiling fittings, surface- and flush-mounting fittings, corner luminaires, downlighters, protective shrouds for emergency lighting units, etc.
- Technical luminaires like the tubular architectural fittings, compact luminaires, stainless-steel flush-mounting fittings, bollards, sealed striplights, luminaires for secure premises, etc.
- Technical Guide, complete with pages to help you choose just the right product for your project.
Each product has a full description, a summary of its main technical and performance characteristics – all copiously illustrated with a great many visuals of actual applications.
One major innovation is the product quick access code (i direct), which lets you rapidly access the technical information updates for each product on our website.
At the end of the catalogue, the handy Technical Guide is devoted to luminaire and installation standards.
You can download the 2017 catalogue here
It is also available in the paper edition upon request.
No time to waste, read it right away!
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GOLD for our CSR initiative!

True to the philosophy it’s been following ever since it was set up in 1986, Sécurlite is committed to a CSR policy, which this year has been recognized by conclusive results that place it in the top 13% of the highest-rated businesses.
EcoVadis is a rating agency specializing in assessing Corporate Social Responsibility, and has given Sécurlite a score of 64/100.
The audit was performed on 21 CSR criteria across 4 themes: environment, social, business ethics, supply chain.
This GOLD certification is a fine reward that confirms Sécurlite’s values in terms of environmental and social responsibility.
To find out more about our actions implemented as part of our CSR commitment, feel free to consult the “Our CSR commitments” page.
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New electronics production line!

In 2013, our production tool was equipped with a new automated SMD line for manufacturing electronic circuits and LED modules, along with a flow solder line and a test robot.
This policy of integration enables us to maintain better control over quality and costs, as well as offering greater responsiveness to our customers’ requests.
This completes the innovation and eco-design project begun in 2011, aimed at designing and developing in-house our own electronic solutions, LED modules, and movement detectors by creating a Research & Development laboratory based in La Ferté-Bernard in the French département of Sarthe.
A photometry laboratory and a test and measurement unit complete the R&D facilities.
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"Good Job" spot from the MEDEF, shown on France 2 and France 3.

Our Company, a member of the Lighting Syndicate, was selected for filming the “Good Job” spot broadcast on 5 and 11 September on the France 2 and France 3 Public TV channels.
The spot features the job of a PCB Assembler, which requires electronics knowledge, patience, and meticulousness.
(video in French)
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